↑ The Art Directors Club invited me to share some of my inspirations and thoughts on type.

Art Directors Club, Shortlist: Holmen
Svenska Designpriset, 2x Nominations: Blocket
Svenska Designpriset, 2x Nominations: Kry
European Design Awards, Gold: Movement
Art Directors Club, Silver: Movement
Art Directors Club, Finalist: Rolleiflex Numbers

D&AD, Nomination: Movement
NY Festivals, Shortlist: You Are Who You Meet
Type Directors Club, Certificate: Kinetic
Epica, Bronze: Folkoperan
Kolla!, Silver & Bronze: Folkoperan
New York Festivals, Silver & Bronze: Folkoperan
Resumé, 2x Månadens Kampanj: Folkoperan
Epica, Gold: Friends
Kolla!, Gold: Rädda Barnen
Art Directors Club, Merit: Them-and-Us
Cannes Lion, Bronze: Them-and-Us
Guldägget, Shortlist: Them-and-Us
Loeries, Gold: Them-and-Us
Guldägget, Silver: Nordiska Kompaniet
Kolla!, Gold: Nordiska Kompaniet
Svenska Designpriset, Silver: Tiger Jeans
Kolla!, Shortlist: VM Handball
New York Festivals, Silver & Bronze: Stella Artois
Clio, 2x Silver: Stella Artois
D&AD, 2x Nominations: Stella Artois
Epica, Gold, Silver & Bronze: Stella Artois
Eurobest, Shortlist: Stella Artois
Guldägget, 2x Shortlist: Stella Artois
Kolla!, Gold: Stella Artois
NY Festivals, 3x Gold, 2x Silver 5x Bronze: Artois
One Show, 2x Gold, Silver & 2x Merit: Stella Artois
Webby, 6x Honouree: Stella Artois
New York Festivals, Shortlist: Nordiska Kompaniet
New York Festivals, Nomination: Tiger of Sweden
Guldägget, Bronze: Tiger of Sweden
Loeries, 2x Gold: Home
Loeries, Gold: Rohm & Haas

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