Your friend, for life

Blocket is evolving, growing from ‘search engine of pre-loved stuff’ to becoming a helping hand through all kinds of moments in life. Together with the Blocket team we sat out to envision a brand strategy, narrative and visual identity that can expand the Blocket universe and at the same time make the Blocket we all love even more Blocket.

The new brand world is built on the understanding that behind every visit to Blocket lies a unique human need, and that in fulfilling every such need Blocket is helping someone shape a moment happy. From game changing to buying a new bike, Blocket is there helping people out, day in and day out. Crafted to around a solid master brand and a new design system, Blocket is ready to grow beyond a marketplace for stuff into becoming a true friend in life, through the big and the small, into the happily unforeseen and then back to places you’ve already been.

Article on CAP&Design.


Illustrations & photography
With the help of the Danish illustrators Hvass & Hannibal, we’ve developed a new illustration style that will help us clarify information and give a personal feeling. The imagery by Erik Wåhlström helps Blocket be more personal and closer to reality, so we really capture those happy moments.