See Africa through the eyes of the inspired

Colours of Africa is a digital exhibition with 60 african artists and was released on Google Arts & Culture, in collaboration with Design Indaba. The aim of the project is to help elevate African culture, design and creativity. The exhibition showcases artists from different disciplines, from architecture, painting and ceramics through to writing, engineering, the performing arts. The theme of the exhibition is colour. Each artist was invited to select a colour and to create an original piece of art to represent their country, and to also express what it means to be African.

Digital exhibition
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Unique exploration of a digital exhibition
The design concept for the digital exhibition is based around a colour circle, and the idea of a kaleidoscope, where each artist's contribution represents a facet of colour. When thinking of what we could do with a digital exhibition, that we couldn't be in a physical space, the idea of a randomised navigation tool used to explore the art came to life.
Just like a kaleidoscope holds a unique pattern every time you pick it up, the digital exhibition is randomised, giving each visitor a unique path through the art. And equally giving all the contributions an equal chance to be seen. Creating a chance of serendipity, and of getting to know the soul of Africa through the artists of the exhibition, rather than exploring Africa geographically. 


African representation in the Art scene
The project is also about representation in the art scene. With this exhibition, Google Arts & Culture brings contemporary African art into its catalogue, that already holds a lot of the classics from big art museums from around the world. 
The art of this exhibition is personal and gives meaning to what it is to be African, and through the colour palette created by the Colours of Africa project you get to explore the many facets of African creativity. And to see the world through the eyes of the inspired.