Nordiska Kompaniet’s packaging range

Nordiska Kompaniet is the name of two department stores located in Stockholm
and Gothenburg. They are Sweden’s most luxurious department stores and steeped in tradition. Their classic black and white bags were designed by Lars Hall in 1992. Since then, there has been a growing need to develop the range to give a more contemporary, international feeling with more flexible formats to cater for the different departmental store needs.

We developed a new packaging range that complimented the existing iconic bag design, but systemized the placement of the rotated NK symbol. We also introduced new gift packaging and upgraded the material quality to give an exclusive feel.


The recognizable graphic NK symbol still remains on the outer packaging but the gift packaging has a cleaner, more modern look that uses the discrete text logo in combination with finer ribbons, embossed stickers and paper materials.


Seasonal packaging
The new packaging range was also adapted to cater for different target groups (adults / children) and according to season, where the black ribbon is replaced by a red ribbon for Christmas.


Children’s packaging
We also introduced a playful children’s packaging range. The concept was inspired by a rabbit, crocodile, monkey and owl which were illustrated by Sac Magique. The figures were brought to life in the gift boxes where the characteristics of the animals form specific functions, for example the mouth of the crocodile serves as a lid and the inner pink silk paper symbolizes it’s tongue.